Iesnoth: n. (Ee-is-nuth)
WHAT IF Pushing Daisies was going to be about Ned and Olive getting together


Rewatching Pushing Daisies wasn’t a good idea. Lee Pace’s handsomeness makes me wanna cry.


Hannibal’s milkshakes are made from the boys in the yard.

Is there a difference in Will’s behavior when he has his glasses on as opposed to off?

Is he more meek or in control or analytical when he has his glasses on? Does he hide behind them? Are they his version of a Clark Kent disguise, hiding his calculating and diabolical leanings?

I just have so many Thranduil feels right now. TT.TT Poor elf daddy!
Excerpt from edit/rewrite of Landlocked

    When Jim woke up the sun was high in the sky, and the open front door let in a eastern breeze. He rubbed his eyes with his fingertips.

“What happened?” he groaned. Brief flashes of a stormy beach and a naked girl assaulted his brain and he shook his head.

Must’ve been a dream. He opened his eyes. Max sat next to him on the couch, which had been soaked by the access water from his clothes. He groaned.OK, not a dream. Then where is the redheaded nymph?

“Ariel?” he called, his voice cracking from sleep. No answer.

Then again, I shouldn’t expect one.

“Ariel!” Nothing. No yelling crab, no footsteps.

Jim sat up on the couch. “She can’t have left. The stupid girl is clearly not from around here. And why would she leave without—” then he noticed the wheelchair posed by his good leg. Slowly scooting himself from the couch to the wheelchair, he went in search of his ward.

“Every room has been ransacked,” he said, gaping at the open kitchen cabinets. He couldn’t be sure what was stolen, since the villa had been fully stocked with food and other necessities when he arrived, but when he found she had taken some of his clothes, that cinched it.

“I was so blind,” he growled. “She probably isn’t even mute, but she played me like a fool and I danced right into her hands.” He slammed his fists against the armrests of his chair and Max whined.

For the next hour, he wheeled in circles, trying to think of what, if any, action he should take. I can’t exactly track them down, not in my condition, he mused. I supposed I could go to the police? My friendship with the prince might actually count for something. But I can’t say for sure what was stolen besides my clothes, and I don’t want to go back to the palace, anyway. He ran a hand through his bangs.By the skies. That was my favorite shirt, too. A picture of Ariel wearing his clothes came to mind. At least she took pants this time. Wait, what am I thinking?

He had to admit, even though he was furious, the thief’s performance impressed him. He had known something was off about her, but he had never questioned her intentions until it was too late.

It was those damned blue eyes, and that hair that seemed to go for miles. And her tiny hands— who would suspect such hands of thievery?


steve, if I keep picking you up you’re never gonna walk on your own

I’m having this exact problem at work with a one-year-old.
Monster babies based on incidents with real babies I work with. :)

Monster babies based on incidents with real babies I work with. :)

My most meaningful conversation of my day. :D

My most meaningful conversation of my day. :D





First off, it’s not misogyny to dislike one female character, just like it’s not misogyny to dislike that one girl in class who seems to have all the right answers and is really smug about it. Second, right now I don’t so much dislike her, I pity her. When this all comes out she will be the one most hurt, if she’s not dead already. I liked Alana in the beginning, but for a psychiatrist who is supposed to be open minded, she is the only character who has never considered anyone else’s opinion except her own. She bucks Crawford’s authority, doubts Will then refuses to admit she’s wrong— and have you noticed she’s never been right? I’m not sure if she’s been reacting realistically and it’s just rubbing the wrong way, or she’d written poorly, or we’re supposed to be frustrated with her, but I’m not irritated because she’s a woman. I’m irritated because she’s the last person to not believe Will, so the last person left to be irritated with. I haven’t seen any Alana hate, but if other patrons of the Internet see this the same way I do, it’s not so much hate as an extreme contrast. All the other characters either know Will is right or are willing to try to believe him, and Alana stands in stark contrast. This understandably causes backlash. Alana— nor any female character— deserves to be demeaned and “hated” for their sex. But it’s also wrong to assume everyone who dislikes her is sexist. I hope she is redeemed as a character, but right now, she’s easily one of my least favorites.